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Indonesian Hand-Carved Suar Wood Wall Art

  • Dragon design

Sustainable Craftsmanship

Introducing our Boho Wall Art Decorative Wooden Panels, masterfully hand-carved from 100% sustainable Suar wood. With origins rooted in the skilled hands of Indonesian artisans, each piece reverberates with tradition and artistry.

Unique Artistry in Every Panel

No two panels are the same. Spanning 40cm in diameter, these intricate pieces act as wall decor and serve as captivating focal points in any room. Each panel’s mystic motifs and unparalleled attention to detail will mesmerize and transport your guests to serene Indonesian landscapes.

Natural Elegance

Beyond their beauty, these panels stand testament to the durability and elegance of Suar wood. Seasoned and graced with a naturally radiant finish, they blend into any interior, elevating the space with an organic touch.

Exceptional Value, Limited Availability

Our hand-crafted art panels are a true representation of skill and passion. Due to the intricate craftsmanship and commitment to quality, availability is limited. Each artisan creates only one panel daily, ensuring each piece is a labour of love. As such, these items may occasionally be out of stock.

Embrace the allure of Indonesian artistry and enhance your space with these exquisite Bohemium wooden panels.

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Dimensions 40 cm


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