Boho Table Tribal Whitewash (set of 2)


Furniture – Table or Stool
Style – White Washed Wood

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Boho Tribal Design Tables & Stools

Sustainably Sourced and Artfully Designed

Our Boho Tables and Stools are hand-crafted from albasia wood, showcasing the authentic spirit of Indonesian artistry. With rich details and vibrant colours, they add elegance to any retail display or living space.

Symbolic Hand-Carved Details

Each table and stool boasts intricately hand-carved symbols on the top and sides, representing traditional Indonesian motifs. The thick bevelled upper part rests on robust hand-carved legs, creating a harmonious balance of aesthetics and stability.

Limited Edition, Each One Unique

Every Boho Table and Stool is a one-of-a-kind work of art because they are all handmade. Because supplies are limited, some products may be temporarily out of stock, so don’t miss out on the chance when they’re available.

Handmade, With Natural Charm

– Boho Tables and Stools are hand-crafted products with minor imperfections or slight cracks.

– These imperfections add to their charm and uniqueness.

– These pieces blend tradition, craftsmanship, and contemporary design.

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